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Farm Like You Mean It

One big family farm

You Think It, We've Grown It

Stokrose founder Finn Clausen's legacy is that of a hard worker and a risk taker. We approach farming today with the lessons and knowledge built over four decades of farming and farm management. Now Stokrose is a second generation family business with farm and range ground in four Washington counties - Grant, Adams, Lincoln and Spokane.

You think it, we've grown it. From vegetables and vegetable seed to commodity crops, we've cultivated and marketed it. Our decisions are based on the wisest use of our land, water resources and market opportunities.

More Cows, More Crops

When Stokrose acquired a nearby feedyard, access to that significant amount of compost provided us a dynamic opportunity to farm with natural fertilizer. The proof in savings on commercial applications and robust crops has led us on a "more cows, more crops" path, with our commercial and registered herds rotating in to irrigated grazing, and spending the winter on stubble.

Our proof of cows & crops concept is revealed in our yields. Stokrose has earned Top 10 producer recognitions from both DeKalb and Pioneer on multiple occasions.

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